Frequently Asked Questions about Unbeetable

  • Unbeetable is Vegan, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO.  We source all of our ingredients in the U.S. and have letters from our suppliers stating that the ingredients meet these standards to the best of their knowledge.  We will continually seek the best ingredients using healthy and environmentally friendly methods.
  • How much Unbeetable should I drink? Doctors generally recommend 500mg to 1,000mg of dietary nitrate daily.  I feel the effects with just one can of Fizz.   
  • When should I drink Unbeetable?  I typically drink one can 1-2 hours before exercise.  Runner’s World and other references show peak performance is 2-6 hours after ingestion with tapering down affect over 24 hours.  There is also a building effect when you drink over several days before competition.  I also feel a boost during recovery when I drink after exercise. Unbeetable provides more sustained performance improvements compared with a quick, jittery jolt of “Energy Drinks” that leads to crash.
  • How does Unbeetable compare? Unbeetable is a concentrated dose with a higher concentration of dietary nitrate than many of the competing products we have tested. Often the powder alternatives contain very low amounts of dietary nitrate.
  • Natural flavors. Unbeetable uses a proprietary blend of natural flavors that we do not specify to help protect our recipe.
  • Where can I buy it?  Obviously you can purchase Unbeetable on this site.  We will continue to expand our retail partners.  Please contact us at